Confidence and assertiveness?
What’s the difference?

Brutally put, confidence is how you feel and assertive is how you act. Because it’s easier to act assertively if you’re feeling confident there is obviously an overlap but there are differences too. Our course looks at both - so that you’ll start to develop long term confidence and then lean how to act assertively even if you’re necessarily feeling confident.

We can also show you the tool actors, dancers and athletes use to control their nerves when they’re under huge, huge pressure!

Can you learn confidence?

Yes, of course you can - it’s just easier for some people than others. Fortunately there are tools that work for almost anyone when they’re applied correctly.

And what about being aggressive or assertive?

Aggression is what you resort to if you don’t want to be ‘passive’ any longer but don’t know how to act assertively. It’s counter-productive in the long term because even if you get what you want this time, people are more likely to resist you in the future. Far better to find the middle ground of ‘assertiveness’ where you are more likely to get what you need but without putting everyone else’s back up.

Sounds simple - but like many simple things that doesn’t automatically mean it’s easy. The tools are out there and we’ll teach you them, but you’ve got to pracice them, of course! :)