Help for individuals

A significant proportion of our work is spent in one-on-one work training, or bringing together individuals from various different groups.

We run public courses throughout the year in locations across the country. Email us to tell us what training you want, why you want it, what sort of job you have, and, importantly, where you are and how long you can wait. We can then send you details of the next appropriate courses.

Alternatively, you might find one-to-one coaching more appropriate. We can help you decide between training and coaching - or a mix of the two.

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- A P-S, Trainee

Value for Money

When organising management training for a small number of people, an obvious question springs to mind - when does it become more cost-effective for you to hire one of our trainers to come to you? We can't give you a definitive answer because it depends on exactly what training you need - but as a rough guideline, it's almost certainly worth asking us to come to you if:

  • there's more than just a couple of people
  • you need the training in a particular place or in a particular time-frame
  • what you need is very specific or unusual
But if in doubt, ask us.