Leadership vs Management

There's no doubt that leaders need to have some of the skills of management, just as managers need leadership skills, but that doesn't mean the two roles are interchangeable. This training looks at the fundamentals of leadership and management.

It's a painful oversimplification to suggest that management is about making sure things are done in the right way but that leadership is about making sure the right things are done in the first place. A simplification it may be, but there's an element of truth. The starting point for this training is therefore to take a good look at the differences between leadership and management and the different skills needed by leaders and managers.

How the training is applied in the 'real world' is critical.

Before we provide this training we'll work with you to look at the needs of your staff - it's particularly important to make sure this training is focused on the leadership and management needs of the people in question, looking carefully at the circumstances in which they'll be applying their leadership and management skills.

Leadership and management styles

We spend a lot of time looking at different 'models' of leadership and of management.

As the man said: all models are wrong - some of them are useful.

That's because 'cleaned up models' allows people better to understand different approaches to being a leader or manager. That means we'll also spend plenty of time looking at how such models can be translated back to the real world of applied leadership and practical management.

EI in leadership and management

As part of this training we explore the personalities of clients. Knowing yourself and how you're likely to react in any given situation is a critical skill for pretty much anyone in positions of leadership and management. Consequently we draw upon the MBTI tool (though not necessarily with formal questionnaires) as well as other approaches such Transactional Analysis.

To ask about this training for your team email your leadership or management question.