Why are there difficult people?

No-one ever thinks that they are being difficult. No matter how unreasonable their behavior seems to other people, they always feel that it is justified (they wouldn’t do it otherwise). From their point of view, they believe that what they are doing is appropriate.

Our training starts by looking at why there are difficult people in the first place and then looks at what we can do to reduce the chances of people feeling that difficult behaviour is appropriate. We'll also look at the different types of difficult behaviour at work.

Who suffers from difficult people?

It's not just the people 'who are difficult', there are patterns of behaviour to their victims. We'll look at what makes people less likely to be on the receiving end of difficult behaviour and what they can do to reduce the risks.

What can I do about difficult behaviour?

Ultimately you've got to face up to the difficult behaviour and we'll look at how to do that in ways which are

  • effective
  • non-confrontational
  • easy to use

We also look at ways of reducing any effect the difficult behaviour has on you, your health, happiness and productivity.

This training has been used by managers working with 'awkward' colleagues, clients and situations, all the way up to professionals including police officers, drugs education staff, and social workers who work with challenging groups day in day out.

If that's made you curious about this training, tell us about the difficult behaviours you meet.