Two sorts of stress management training

Stress management comes in two flavours - managing the stress and managing the stressed people! Consequently we've got two types of stress management training:

  • Coping with pressure and managing stress - this course is for anyone suffering from, or likely to be suffering from, stress and who consequently needs to know how to manage it
  • the managers role in managing stress - this course is for managers, looking at how to support and manage members of staff who are suffering from (or who might be suffering from!) stress (we also train you in how to manage your own stress!)

Which type of training you should sign up for depends on your stress, your role and your needs. We'll discuss both options with you and find out what's best...

Our approach to stress management

Stress can be caused by a lot of things - some of them lie outside us but some of them lie inside. On training days, no matter what anyone might claim, it's not possible to look in detail at all the external causes of stress, so we concentrate on helping clients look at, examine and deal with the internal causes. It doesn't solve the problem - but it helps more than you think!

Isn't stress management training about stress techniques?

Don't worry.

We'll train you in effective "immediate stress control techniques" so that you can handle 'panic grade stress'. That is, we'll show you how to manage your stress in the short term, as well as train you in long-term management techniques.