What’s special about how we train with you?

We don’t “do opinion”. Well, we will if you ask us for one…

…but we don’t generally base our training on our experience or things that “everyone knows”. That way you end up with tosh like “only 7% of the meaning of a communication is in the words”.

Instead, we use our skills as university researchers to go back to the original investigations of what works. What we do is based on the science of what works the most, for most people, most of the time.

Don’t panic.

Just because we’ve got research backgrounds doesn’t mean you get boring delivery. Every one of us has been (or is!) a professional performer of some kind, which means you get the science of what works delivered by people who understand how to be engaging.

We’re aiming for the best of both worlds.

What do you want to do better?

We’re specialists in the key, fundamental skills that apply no matter what you do, from accounting to zoo-keeping… and let’s be honest about it – there’s a ton of research that indicates these are the skills which most significantly predict the success of you and your team, once you’re “technically good enough”.  Technical competence isn’t what you need to aspire to any more… it’s the baseline.

That’s things like productivity, stress management, presentation skills, emotional intelligence, team development and so on.  Click here to find out more.

Are we the right people for you?

Probably, but let’s check.

What sort of people are in your team?

Our clients are really good at “TheThing” they do, but now have to do more than the technical… Maybe they now lead teams to do that “TheThing“; or to talk about it in public or… you get the idea.  Click here to see more about who we work best with.

We’re most use for professionals and professional organisations. And because of the science of how people work, our tools work best if you and your team has some agency about how they work.

What sort of organisation are you?

Oh, and we’ll only work with organisations that have a reasonable ethical and environmental background. So if you sell guns to both sides of a civil war you’re out of the question 😉 After that, we’ll have a chat about things like how to minimise the environmental impact of our work etc…