I’ve been prompted to write this by a feedback form (only 23/25, shock horror!) that suggested the the content, the materia, the most important bit of our training, could have been delivered in an hour less.

They’re right, it could have been.

Instead of finishing at half past four, we could have delivered the material more quickly and finished at half past three in the afternoon. It would certainly have been easier for us (we’d have avoided bad travel conditions) and very popular amongst the people on the course.

And it wasn’t as if we didn’t know this before we started (hey, we’re expert trainers after all!).

So why didn’t we? Why didn’t we go for the easy hit?

Because training it’s not about what we say, it’s about what people hear. It’s not about how fast we can deliver material, it’s about how fast people can receive that material. It’s not about how short a time we can make it take to get information into people’s heads – it’s about how long a time we can make it stay there!

By taking that extra hour over the day, we had time for what we call ’embedding exercises’.

Training is only effective if it sticks – if people can not only receive it, absorb it and recall it – but only if they can then apply it. By allowing time for reflection and for having a go, for things like looking at case studies and discussing personal circumstances, we make it much (much!) more likely that what we train people in can and will be applied…

…that it will be used to make a difference in the real world.

For us, it’s all about use, not convenience.

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