A quick note before we start: all the case studies we use in our training etc are […]
I just bought my wife an Eternity Ring. (Technically it’s a semi-eternity ring because the diamonds only […]
MBTI 2 (or, more properly and formally, the Myers Brigss Type Indicator, Step Two) is a relatively […]
We’re developing some new courses here at Aware Plus. One of then – communication skills – is […]
“Soft skills – ahhhhh, wish I could take time to learn the easy stuff: I’ve got too […]
I’ve been prompted to write this by a feedback form (only 23/25, shock horror!) that suggested the […]
Well, okay, he is. At what he does he’s one of the best. So when he writes […]
Let’s face it, it’s hard to know one training company from another, just by looking at their […]
Readers of our other blogs will know that we’re not too keen on what we call WIKI-trainers. […]
(or, how many acronyms can you fit into one blog title?) Just a quick brag, really! 🙂 […]