Most people visit the “us” page but this is more important to us.

Who do we work with?

We work with professionals who are good at what they “do” at the technical level but now have to up their game in the broader picture.


For example, you might be a team of great accountants but the team bit of that isn’t producing the benefits you expect. Or you might be a fabulous architect but that’s only useful if you can win the bids to build your stuff with a great presentation. Or you might be a virtual team of sports development officers who’re finding your team meetings aren’t exactly the highlight of your week. Or you might be researchers at a university who’re struggling to find ways of doing things in new ways…

In short, it’s you, and your teams/staff/whatever… but equipped to do their jobs better.

Put like that it sounds more simple than it feels at the business end, I promise!

A few case studies might help

Remember, these are just examples – and while they’re true, they’re also simplified. Reality is always messier!

University College Cork

UCC were having problems with being creative. It’s not that their research teams and administrators weren’t world class, they absolutely were! It’s just that part of the downside of being so very good at what they do means that they lose sight of new ways of doing things.

We’re running a series of half day and full day virtual workshops (live) to explore with them the tools for “begin creative”. Of course, nothing can guarantee coming up with great ideas but there are things we can do that make it a lot more likely…


Middlesbrough City Council

Middlesbrough is a large city in the northeast of England. We’re working with them to fire up the creative and trusting culture in the organisation… and it’s a big organisation! We’re using a three-part process of online pre-learning to cover the basics and ‘need to know’ stuff and when managers have done that they can can access half day live learning workshops. After that, there’s revision material online again!

Newcastle University

Newcastle is our home town so it feels a bit odd to be doing even this one virtually!

Professional services staff at Newcastle needed to make better (online)presentations – and this is one of the things we’re most famous for. It’s a simple matter to organise a short series of online training sessions which look at:

  • technical things not to get wrong
  • design things you need to get right once the basics have been taken care of

Hampden Bank

Hampden are private bank of the year but they wanted to up their game a bit even so. We partnered with New Results to provide a series of training workshops covering a huge range of soft skills. Particular highlights were:

  • better online presentations
  • hybrid meetings that work
  • using Zoom and Teams to get collaborate better


SportScotland are the national agency charged with improving sport in the whole of Scotland. For many years now we’ve worked under their banner to provide training not just for their own staff, but for the national governing bodies of a huge range of sports – from the national rugby team to ladies golf to rambling to cricket and swimming! We’ve covered a rang of things to make it easier for them to do their jobs, including things like:

  • better presentations
  • assertivness and confidence
  • collaborating online
  • ready to return (handling the fallout from Covid)

That’s not the full list, but you get the idea!

Aisle 8

Aisle 8 are a London-based PR company with clients including Agent Provocateur, Ferrari and Marks & Spencer. Despite being great at what they do, they weren’t so good at telling people what they did – so they asked us for help… and it was one of the most fun two days of training courses on presentation skills we’ve run in a long, long time.

Oh… and there was Malbec!