What's special about us and our training?

We believe it's about you and your message - the presentation is the means, not the end - so we'll work with you to help you find your style

  • with or without PowerPoint
  • with or without microphones
  • without stress but
  • with a huge impact.
Better presentations are a promise.

We also believe - strongly - that you can't learn this kind of thing if you're wound up, nervous or anxious. That means we make sure our time with you is as much fun as it it is hard work and useful. We aim to make you laugh as much as you learn.

But that doesn't mean our time with you will be easy-going. It won't. If everything goes right it will feel like that, but that's all - just a feeling!

You'll finish a day's work with us (we hope!) happy, satisfied and tired! The outcome will give you better presentation, public speaking or vocal skills that will make an impact each and every time you use them - we promise.

Our team has many years experience in research, management, IT/programming and even theatre. By combining these, we can give you the most comprehensive presentation skills training there is.

If that's whetted your appetite, drop us a line.