Why use us in particular?

Any successful organisation knows that without great leadership, effective management and clear communication it would be much harder to achieve success.

We have over seven years of experience in providing the training you need to equip your staff, leaders and managers to deliver the successful presentations you want.

What's our training style?

We believe in explaining 'why' to people, not just telling them 'what'. That means everyone can apply their presentations training more easily - and it means that when people find themselves in unexpected situations it's easy to apply the principles of what they've learned from us.

We're more than happy to talk to you about the details of our approach - because it'll be different for everyone. And that's the point - there isn't a one size fits all approach to presentation skill training, because your needs are different from anyone else's needs.

But there's one thing we believe in for every one of our clients:
it has to be fun. People learn best if they're enjoying themselves, so we'll work hard to make sure you laugh as hard as you work!

Can you be sure of our value?

It's important that you get value-for-money training and that we value the world around us.

Our prices include all the course costs, including materials, so there are never any hidden surprises, and for appropriate courses we also offer email follow-up to make sure anyone we train gets the best possible results. In fact, We're so sure that our training is worthwhile that if you don't think it has been, we won't charge you.

On top of this training value, we've got strong values for our social responsibility too. Please talk to us if you want to know more, but basically we set aside an hour per delivery-day for use by charities and so on. We call it our 13% policy.

What about customisation and stuff!

We believe that everyone's needs are different - depending on their circumstances and specific needs. As a result, all our in-house training is customised to be carefully targeted at what you need. This, and email follow-up are free parts of the service.

Do we get extras?

Of course!

Everyone who comes on one of our courses gets copies of our books - as I write Presenting Made Simple sells for 8:25 and 60 Presentation Tips sells for 4.99. What's more you get free and unlimited by email for two months. So if you need to ask a

How do you feel about Powerpoint and so on?

We train you in how to make better presentations - not in how to use any particular piece of software. What you learn from us you can apply to any presentation.

And what about video?

On a similar basis, we don't often use video? Why? Because as soon as you're in front of a camera your behaviour changes! All that means is that you get an embarrassing video of how you look in front of a camera, not in front of an audience!

Will we design your presentation for you?

We certainly can do that if you really want us to - but before you ask us to do that, think about two things:

  • we'd rather train you in how to do it yourself, so you don't need us next time
  • it's very difficult indeed to deliver a presentation you haven't designed in any case!