Public speaking and presenting
- want to do them better?

You might like presentations; you might loathe presentations; but either way you have to deliver them - and most people hate doing that even more than their audience hate listening to bad presentations!

We'll train you to make better presentations - presentations with more impact on your audience (and which put less stress on you).

What will your training give you?

When should you get our training? As soon as you find out you need to make presentations, of course! And what does the training usually cover?

We believe it's important you get the presentation skills material that you'll get from other training companies, but also the important 'soft' skills, such as

  • voice projection
  • dealing with nerves
  • posture
  • handling questions
  • structuring presentations to be memorable
  • designing slides for impact and effectiveness
  • sounding confident and looking authoritative
and so on. It you get everything you need from one training company.

Why use us for your training?

Because you need to deliver better presentations. Simple as that

We believe that almost anyone can make a bad presentation, but you need the right skills to deliver an effective presentation. We'll give you those skills. And if you don't think we have, we won't charge you.

Of course, one short paragraph isn't going to inspire you, so have a look at our presentations training FAQ.

That's not all. We'll chat completely free. And if we're not the best match for your training needs, we'll try and find you someone else. Call us now on 0191 2669451 or email us. We'll happily chat about your presentations, what you need and how we can help.