We’re proud of what we do. We’re proud of the way we do it, too.

What I mean is that we don’t just take our training seriously, we take our other responsibilities seriously too. We’ve got a strong Corporate Social Responsibility programme – despite not being very ‘corporate’! 😉

It’s new, and it’s a development on our old 13% policy. What’s more, it wasn’t written by us. It was written for us by a specialist in helping the charity and not-for-profit sector called Gerry Beldon, and his company called 26-01.

It goes like this… We’re going to provide five full days of training per year at absolutely no charge what-so-ever, for people who are working in the charity or not-for-profit sector…  That’s five days that you can sign up for… either one day or all five days… or anything in between…

We’re going to be launching this fab new approach just after the summer, so watch this space for the details of what courses we’re offering and how you can get onto one (or more!) of them!

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