Anyone who’s taken any training from us in confidence, credibility or communication skills will know we get […]
I’m an introvert. And so are many of my friends… and that’s despite the fact that our […]
We ran a half day workshop session recently on Time Management – and many of the usual […]
It’s only just a week away…. our big Bamboo and Oak delivery day for South Lakeland – […]
Some of you will know that we have up our sleeve a big presentation called “Bamboo and […]
Great new for all you time-short people! The first three of our online training courses are now […]
Stress isn’t pressure. That’s a simple fact, true by definition – but it’s not how people perceive […]
MBTI can be a little tricky to get your head around first time, particularly if you’re not […]
Don’t stress the big consequences Sometimes it’s the little things that stress us.  As they say in […]
While we might not be sure about everything, we can be fairly sure about why one of […]