Back in the summer (remember that?) Britain was a very cool place to be. Not only were […]
… and visa versa! I’m sitting here, waiting for a client in a venue in the middle […]
Ever heard of it? No? Try here for an explanation from a Canadian OST guy… 🙂 Basically […]
Anyone who’s been at one of our in-house training courses will know that our on-line training resources […]
I recently wrote a short blog about the differences between step one and step two MBTI profiles […]
I recently described MBTI step 2 as being as far ahead of the ‘traditional’ MBTI (now known […]
Okay, okay, it’s late.  But not very late. Simon’s new book should have been available today but […]
I talked last post (called with little imagination ‘Teacher Stress’) about the fact that teachers are somewhat special […]
… can get pretty bad, can’t it. So bad in fact that this week’s TES (Times Education […]
Some social responsibility news! Anyone who’s worked with us for a long time knows about our social […]