In the first of these articles (see our last blog), we looked at a few things you […]
The difference between being aggressive and being assertive is an interesting one and it’s sometimes a challenge […]
I delivered a half day training course this week on time management. It was for PhD students… […]
Special Training Programme for the Third Sector We’re going to be running a series of one-day workshops […]
I’m sure you know what I’m talking about – people who just seem to take offense easily; […]
I’m 50, according to my Birth Certificate. As my (otherwise lovely) elder daughter just said “How does […]
We’re proud of what we do. We’re proud of the way we do it, too. What I […]
In the last post about MBTI, I looked at a fairly in-depth element of MBTI step two […]
In the last case study, I looked at a semi-fictional interaction between an Introvert (in MBTI terms) […]
… but I think he misses the mark here: I know plenty of people who’re negative at […]